The Nigerian elections took place today, I wish I got a chance to vote. The candidate i support may not even win but whatever the case i look forward to changes that would be made in the health sector especially with regards to HIV/AIDS. It may not seem like a major issue because Nigeria has several problems and there are a bunch of people who think most of those problems are way bigger than the 3 million people living with HIV/AIDS.

None of them mentioned it during the debates, when asked about health they focused on TB and malaria as if those are the only diseases Nigerians die of so once again the job of tackling HIV/AIDS will be left for NGOs and this makes me really sad.

I’m not saying the government is not doing anything about it, I just feel they are not doing enough or to put it in a better way, they are not half as much as they could do but what can I say? LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!