I’m presently working on my postgraduate dissertation, it is supposed to be about 15,000  words. I am not even sure where to get all those words from but I’ve just been exploring different themes that relate to the subject matter (I’m writing on healthcare systems in West Africa…well specifically ECOWAS) and i came across something interesting. I mentioned it in one of my previous posts but reading about it in detail kind of makes me want to talk about it and there is no one to talk about it to so i decided to bring it up in the one place where i can rant as much as i want!!!

Turns out Brain Drain affects Africa more than you could ever imagine, Statistics have a way of making things seem more realistic. When i talked about brain drain previously I had no idea how many people were moving in and out of Africa (this does not include people who travel for holidays or tourism) so it didn’t seem like a big deal then. Studying/ partially studying for my project is clearing things up for me. People in Africa would rather work abroad than in Africa (well i can’t speak for everyone but a good number of people would) and who am I to judge when I’m writing this post from Bristol. I just wonder if there will ever be a time when Africans  will find Africa attractive enough to want to pass on opportunities abroad. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with traveling and exploring the world.

If you know me well, you would know I have to link this up with HIV/AIDS…and yes there is a link between brain drain and HIV/AIDS. A UNAIDS report shows that there is lack of enough medical and other professional personnel in Africa which is a setback because these professionals could be useful in the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

Teachers, medical researchers, Doctors, Nurses etc are all crucial to the fight against HIV in Africa and I know the grass may always look greener on the other side but if everyone migrates, who do we really expect to fill in the vacuum? Just something to think about! I can’t really say all I have to say because some of the info is reserved for dissertation and no part of it is supposed to published. I may rant on this topic after i submit!