I woke this morning and as usual the first thing i grabbed was my phone, I saw that i had several Twitter mentions…three minutes later after scrolling through all the mentions I was filled with excitement because my blog…this blog had been voted ‘Most Educational Blog’ in the Nigerian Blog Awards. It came as a surprise to me because before creating this blog I was fully aware of the fact that it would not be the kind of blog many people will want to read regularly but I did it anyway.

As some of you know I am super interested in development issues in Africa especially HIV/AIDS (apologies to those who follow me on twitter and have to put up with my many UNAIDS RTs) and poverty reduction. Many of the blogs people RT on twitter are fun, fashion and other blogs that tell stories. I guess my thanks should go to the Nigeria Blog Awards Committee for creating the category of ‘Most Educational’ where blogs like mine can fit in. This is very reason why i started this blog: To end ignorance and educate people in the little way that I can. Also a big thank you Lloyd Membere!!!

If you voted for me (with or without pressure from me and Lloyd Membere) thank you so much!!!! I appreciate it and will keep writing on educational stuff.

See how short this post is? The only thing i can go on and on about is development stuff….