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Hey everyone!!!!! So today is the day we report to NYSC camp…..I’m not even excited about it.
For those who don’t know, NYSC stands for National Youth Service and every Nigerian who has completed university is required by law to serve the country. The structure is pretty simple: three weeks in an orientation camp, work and then community development.
The reason I feel queasy about camp is that I don’t exactly like soldiers. To be honest they scare me.
I don’t exactly know what to expect because I’ve heard so m!y stories about NYSC camp and I’m a not creeped out. Thankfully I got posted to the state I wanted to and I’d be far away from the bunch of idiots who call themselves Boko Haram. I’m not packing anything too valuable to camp because of the stories IV been told. I’d post a lost of things I took to camp later.
I’d update you all with pictures and camp stories!!!!!!!!

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Hello Hello…Is anyone there?????

I have the same routine on Sundays…My Sunday life pretty much consists of: Waking up earlier than usual (not a problem because I am a natural early bird), going to church, going back home and being lazy till the day ends.

Last Sunday was not different…well not until I got to church. The first thing i noticed was how empty the church was. This must have been around 9:30 a.m which is pretty late. Usually Church starts at 8:00am and get filled up even around 10:00 ish. I must confess, I do not remember the last time i went to church at 8am. On average, i get to church at around 10 ish (pretty late…I know). Anyway, I had decided to go early on this particular sunday and I was shocked at the amount of people I saw. I thought people were just late and they’d probably arrive at around 10 ish but that did not happen. I kept wondering why.

Turns out, many members of our congregation were affected by the flood(s) that swept through the city the night before. I was out with my mum that evening (saturday evening) and we saw many cars get stuck in the flood and even worse the gutters and drainages were filled up. It was hard to tell apart gutters from the roads and you can imagine how many accidents would have occurred.

We later found out on Sunday that properties and homes had been destroyed in the flood and even worse, lives had been lost. Really sad. Like every other politically aware citizen, I waited ‘patiently’ to hear what plan the government had for victims of the flood and what policies were being put in place to avert future floods. I heard nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It is Thursday, four days after and still nothing from the government of this state. There is so much to say and I don’t even know where to start. I sort of pictured what other state governments of other countries may have done if this happened in their state. It just feels like nothing happened here, like the government is not concerned about people who suffered.

…And then i thought, maybe I’m the one who is unaware. Maybe the government is actually taking this seriously and I don’t know about it so i decided to do a bit of research. Still nothing. So how exactly can citizens get the attention of their ‘democratic’ governments if being seriously affected by floods is not enough to give the government a wake up call.

I have seen TV ads (or short stories) that sing the praises of the government of this state and how the governor has been so helpful to the poor. Ha!!!! now I am convinced the ads are nothing but a campaign tool of the current government for re-elections. It is sad really, a lot of money isĀ  spent on carnivals and other celebrations yet nothing is spent on sustaining human dignity.

P.S. The state I’m in (and writing about) is Cross River State…supposedly known as the people’s paradise. Please don’t let me get into the irony of this.