Hey everyone!!!!! So today is the day we report to NYSC camp…..I’m not even excited about it.
For those who don’t know, NYSC stands for National Youth Service and every Nigerian who has completed university is required by law to serve the country. The structure is pretty simple: three weeks in an orientation camp, work and then community development.
The reason I feel queasy about camp is that I don’t exactly like soldiers. To be honest they scare me.
I don’t exactly know what to expect because I’ve heard so m!y stories about NYSC camp and I’m a not creeped out. Thankfully I got posted to the state I wanted to and I’d be far away from the bunch of idiots who call themselves Boko Haram. I’m not packing anything too valuable to camp because of the stories IV been told. I’d post a lost of things I took to camp later.
I’d update you all with pictures and camp stories!!!!!!!!

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