Interesting article I stumbled upon on Reuters about long serving African leaders and how they will leave office. This is very interesting because this year alone, three long serving African rulers have been dethroned (remember this is just the 5th month of the year).
The seven remaining long serving African leaders are:
Teodoro Obiang Nguema – Equatorial Guinea
Jose Santos – Angola
Robert Mugabe- Zimbabwe
Paul Biya- Cameroon
Yoweri Museveni- Uganda
King Mswati III- Swaziland
Blaise Campore – Burkina Faso
The first two listed presidents have served the longest, 32 years followed by Mugabe who has served 31 years; Biya has been in power for 29 years, Museveni for 25; mswati and Campore for 24 years.
What bothers me really, is what factors determine whether or not they will be ousted from their current positions. Is the issue serving for too long, or being undemocratic? Then again, is there any good democracy in Africa that one could use as an example of good governance? (Ghana immediately came to my mind).
Despite Museveni’s ‘addiction’ (for lack of a better word) to power, Uganda had enjoyed favours from western countries as opposed to Libya for instance when Gadaffi was still in power.
So is the issue democracy, holding on to power for too long or allying with the West? Or does the need for change come from within, like the Arab spring and if yes, don’t many democratic African countries demand change on a daily basis? Would western intervention (like in Libya and Tunisia) happen in take place in these so called democratic countries?
Who will be dethroned next and why?
These are the questions that bother me…