I got inspired to do a spotlight category because there are a lot of  NGO’s out there carrying out development work in developing countries. Some of them get more credit than others, some get more credit than they deserve and some get credit for nothing at all. I’d like to dedicate this section to NGOs, FBOs (Faith Based Organizations)  and CBOs (Community Based Organizations) that take part in development efforts at the grassroot level. The NGO I will talking about today is Tree Aid.  You can tell a  lot about them from the name. Obviously, they are an environmental organization and I have been blessed with the opportunity of volunteering for them so when I say they work really hard you know I am not making it up. Their philosophy is simple: ‘For communities in Africa, trees mean life’ also ‘tackling poverty and environmental protection are inseparable’.

Their work is focused on dry lands in the Sahel and so far they have carried out and continue to carry out projects in 4 countries namely: Burkina Faso (they have a regional office there), Mali, Ghana (North) and  Ethiopia. Their key programme areas are: Natural resource management (they work with rural communities in the Sahel to ensure that the environment is improved through using sustainable practices that are affordable), Access rights to land and trees , Food security and Nutrition (through sustainable natural resource management) and Enterprise (in recognition of the fact that communities need to earn income in order to look after their families and improve their standard of living).

I admire the work that they do especially because it goes way beyond planting trees. If you donate to charities you might wanna look into this because it will be worth your money. Their website is www.treeaid.org.uk you could check them out for yourselves. I always advice people not to donate to just any organization, inasmuch as you want to help humanity the fact remains that not everyone who asks for money has the best intentions. Thank God for technology, check out what organizations do and what people have to say about them before donating or supporting campaigns.